Sunday, June 21, 2009


Sometimes we are a 'host family' to Japanese students. Today one of our students left after her 6 week stay (in between university and her new job). I was touched at her leaving gift. She presented us with a special collage made up of many of her moments here.. every night she photographed her dinner - so she included various shots of pasta, pizza, roast dinner and casseroles.. But it was her observations and words that i also really appreciated.. we can't always go out of our way to do anything different or extra special - so we are just our usual selves.. one of the things she wrote was "you are all good at spending your spare time usefully and pleasantly. I realised the importance of handmade. It's wonderful to please someone by making something"
She then gave us all a little piece of individual handmade goodness. Miki was indeed a delight to have around.

But it just goes to show that you don't always have to worry about what else you should be doing, what else could you be doing for the environment .. and chastising yourself if you forget the recycle bags at the checkout.. etc.. sometimes just living mindfully and with purpose - even if it seems ridiculous can still be worthwhile for those around you...

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