Sunday, June 14, 2009

Out and about

Hello! welcome back. So do you have that thing on Friday night where you get sooooo excited of the possibility of the weekend? You start thinking of the order in which you will do things. You decide what project you want to work on first. (For me.. altering a piece of clothing, finishing the knitted shrug, a new rubber stamp, some new business cards, some photos for the blog..) THEN you have breakfast, check the email, put the washing on, tell the kids to make their beds etc.. THEN decide to leave the house! THEN try to fit the list into the afternoon - the pictures becoming difficult as the winter sun disappears..
That has been the last few weekends.. yesterday i went to check out North Sydney Market. Disappointing i have to say. I was surprised at the very few handmade stalls - perhaps they were somewhere else?
I was also really annoyed at a stall selling what looked like imported felted accessories, the price was so low that it completely undermines anyone handcrafting pieces locally.
So then miss r and I shared a plate of Dutch mini pancakes which improved my mood...

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Cass said...

I've got to agree about Nth Sydney markets. A friend and I had a stall there 2 christmas's ago and we did ok but it was full of heaps of second hand or imported stuff.


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