Sunday, June 14, 2009

Oh Blogger!

So, after you've worked through the weekend list, sorted the washing, made dinner and perhaps ignored the kids just a little (altho 11 year olds i find, only want to know if they HAVE to do anything and what's to eat - other than that, they can occupy themselves. Once you limit computer, email + tv time).
Anyway! then it occurs to me I'm getting really behind in this whole blog maintaining thing. Trying to write what i'm passionate about, trying to be inspirational, informative and NOT just ramble on. Uh Oh.
So i go looking for help. I find it here. It's a great how-to guide. Available at Craftypod, which is a wonderful resource for projects and podcasts.
The guide aims to help you work out what you want from your blog and how to keep it going.. So now that i've read it i must begin making notes.. then....working through my notes.. AND hopefully you'll appreciate an improvement in the near future.


Cosy said...

I love Craftypod! I love listening to Sister Diane's podcasts. Thanks for the link to the guide.

The Creative Haven said...

thats awesome info. what i wonder is how you keep up with blogging when you have a baby!

myf said...

your writing is already really interesting and entertaining. i look forward to your posts


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