Monday, June 1, 2009

it's mega, it's ... mixtapezine!

So here, so right now. The awesome latest issue of Mixtapezine..! YAY.. It's the second issue of the new professionally printed version. It's very portable. The cover art is courtesy of Lisa Solomon. It is full of writings by a talented bunch of artists and indie crafters. Here's why you might enjoy issue 9:
for the how-to guide on crafting your life to sell at markets, or to read how 2 refashionistas spent 20 bucks reinventing a thrifted outfit, or to read my interview with Melbourne designer Lara Cameron.
OH! did i forget to mention I'm a contributor - so am slightly biased? But hey, what's not to like - there's so many people to read abut in this issue and not a celebrity or shock horror story insight!
check it out here..

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