Sunday, June 28, 2009

creative growth

Yesterday even though the weather didn't know what it was doing, i did. I wanted to check out Glebe market, hadn't been for a while... Hmmm. The usual suspects. Import, some handmade and second hand. You really do get the sense that people here really want a bargain.. And there was probably a few to be had.
I was interested in seeing the felt work of 'talk to the wind' about duck to water... she has only been working with felt for about 6 months. That shawl did look warm + happy for a winters day.. pop over here if you couldn't make it to Glebe.
Further up the road i discovered this vertical wall planting system, the idea being that you can select from a choice of 6 different supports to create your own gallery of living art. Details in Australia here.
The evening was spent watching Coco Avant Chanel with Miss R in an old 1930's movie theatre, seated on chairs that looked like they could've been watching the ocean float past..
Miss R's question during the movie was "But when are they getting to the fashion???!" And yes, it was a bit like that.. But i enjoyed it.. I'm not sure if the sexual references were equivalent to me watching Grease when i was a girl or not? But it was great watching Coco hack up mens shirts and refashion them!

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Dick and Dora said...

We're looking forward to seeing it, hopefully it hasn't been and gone. Grease was a huge favourite, I went with my older step-sister who was there with a boyfriend who wasn't supposed to be there ... needless to say, neither of them were very nice to me. I think I've seen it probably 20 times since.


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