Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Quick Getaway

Hello! here i am - that's me in the kayak - pootling along the Brisbane river. I just popped up to Brisbane for a 3 day getaway taking Master R to visit his cousins... "ORH! Awesome!" he declared when he realised we could walk across the runway to board our plane..
It was lovely to thaw out a bit after some chilly Sydney weather.. We went to the park, beach, river AND then my sister and i checked out the Stitches & Craft Show.. which has recently had a bit of an overhaul.
The draw card for me was the screening of Handmade Nation, made by Faythe Levine who travelled the States interviewing indie crafters. Here is what i thought:
• The movie was worth the entry fee and was very inspiring.
• The exhibition hall vibe didn't quite match the sentiment.
Australia still has a little way to go, but yes - we are a small population.. but we can do it! Support handmade..
encourage people to make things.. embark on a creative journey!
ps.. the fish above is either a toadfish or a puffer fish, poisonous either way - according to the fisherman on the wharf.

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