Thursday, April 23, 2009

Thrifty treasures

So do you find yourself staying in more because you know if you leave the premises it could be anywhere between $15-$50? But then thank goodness there are jumble sales, book fairs and charity shops, woo hoo!
Here's a scarf and Japanese piece of pottery i found at the local jumble sale ..

I can't believe i hesitated over this one.. but only because i do already own a few vintage children's books. But at 20 cents i thought i could just review it.. during my review i found it was indeed a treasure!! Published in 1964 the illustrations are so of that time. Just gorgeous.. about a bird who doesn't have a name and sets out to find one. This was the first book by illustrator David Mckee - who wrote this as a college project. Later on he did the Mr Benn series on tv - which i loved as a child. It's about a man who goes into a costume shop to try on an outfit and as if by magic ends up going through a door to that place...

Out of interest when embarking on thrifty adventures do you sometimes just get that feeling that you will find something? I do.


Cosy said...

I do too! I get my opshop vision on and *know* I'll find something.


Cosy said...

P.S. The word verification was 'arsie'! Tee Hee


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