Sunday, April 26, 2009

A little warmer...

Sorry about the daft pic, but we were all out of potential models.. anyway, as Autumn creeps into Sydney it is a little chilly around the edges. So as my holiday draws to an end i whipped up a couple of hand felted neck warmers.. I was making it up as i went along.. but it was quite simple.. just measuring the length, adding a button hole + stitching on the button.
I could actually see myself wearing the red one too - but that is a gift for a friend.. guess i could do a few different colour ones next time.. two hundred and fifty, two hundred and fifty one ... if you are not familiar with the felting process.. it involves a lot of counting..!
Handy don't you think? I'm thinking it'll be great on the early bus, or under an aircon vent, but best of all they fold up nicely into your handbag!


mariannealice said...

you glamourous thing, you...and felting is great for the arms!

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