Sunday, April 5, 2009

a bit crafty

It's bliss to me waking up to a cool slightly showery Saturday morning... yesterday i started some knitting. I think this often coincides with April in Sydney for me. This time i'm thinking not scarf, but shrug. However this is knitting up a bit too dense. I may have to keep going a bit further then decide.. I was feeling a little sniffly though so did have a tiny rest. BUT when i surfaced i found myself compelled to do this owl.. as a digital illustration. I was quite chuffed so sent him off to get printed..
THEN today with an extra hour (due to the clocks changing) i worked on some other bits and pieces.. I felt like crazy craft woman, at the mac - then drawing, then knitting, THEN sewing!
I couldn't resist the 'Udderly lovely cow' calling me from my "Meet me at Mikes" book.. so as Fliss Dodd the clever crafter who drafted the pattern for us all to share quoted it as a 3 hour project, off i went. Not the best shot - but now it gets dark quicker!
Have a good week..

ps.. I forgot to add things i learnt from this weekend's crafty experience.
1) using up your stash is fun - seeing what bits you have - that choose how the piece ends up.
2) even though you feel like you're ignoring your 11 year old - in fact it was lovely to sit with her and her friend at the table for a couple of hours - chatting while they drew pictures. "oh! you're such a good drawer, mine's sooooo lame!"


fliss said...

I love your cow! The fabrics you used look wonderful and its so nice to see that the cow is being made. Enjoy this stunning book!
Thanks for popping by to let me know you made the cow :)

Dick and Dora said...

Love them both. Go Dudley, and have a great Easter break.


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