Sunday, April 26, 2009

Catch a falling star.. or

Maybe make a stamp? It was probably about a year ago or so that i discovered that the Japanese hand cut rubber stamps really well! You can actually buy books on it too. Initially i used any old erasers - but i have since found out that if you use the 'real' stuff you get better results.. a friend recently gave me a sample of this black rubber which was really fantastic to work with, using woodcut tools + a scalpel. Of course their designs always seem to be soooo cute and gorgeous. Here i was trying to work with my own kitty character from my uncertainty series.. fiddly, and i guess a little - how you say 'labour intensive'. But cute!

A little warmer...

Sorry about the daft pic, but we were all out of potential models.. anyway, as Autumn creeps into Sydney it is a little chilly around the edges. So as my holiday draws to an end i whipped up a couple of hand felted neck warmers.. I was making it up as i went along.. but it was quite simple.. just measuring the length, adding a button hole + stitching on the button.
I could actually see myself wearing the red one too - but that is a gift for a friend.. guess i could do a few different colour ones next time.. two hundred and fifty, two hundred and fifty one ... if you are not familiar with the felting process.. it involves a lot of counting..!
Handy don't you think? I'm thinking it'll be great on the early bus, or under an aircon vent, but best of all they fold up nicely into your handbag!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Sew wonderful...

So obviously i'm enjoying my few days off (and it's school holidays)... here's another one i prepared earlier!
The postman was very busy last week delivering all my new stock from the printers. I quite like how this turned out. Being a fan of a print and a pattern, I also wanted to combine 2D and 3D. A bit of stitching is always a nice touch too. I've only got a few to start with and each one has it's own fabric and vintage button detail.. The type reads 'You're sew wonderful'. This is one of my favourites and is available here.

Thrifty treasures

So do you find yourself staying in more because you know if you leave the premises it could be anywhere between $15-$50? But then thank goodness there are jumble sales, book fairs and charity shops, woo hoo!
Here's a scarf and Japanese piece of pottery i found at the local jumble sale ..

I can't believe i hesitated over this one.. but only because i do already own a few vintage children's books. But at 20 cents i thought i could just review it.. during my review i found it was indeed a treasure!! Published in 1964 the illustrations are so of that time. Just gorgeous.. about a bird who doesn't have a name and sets out to find one. This was the first book by illustrator David Mckee - who wrote this as a college project. Later on he did the Mr Benn series on tv - which i loved as a child. It's about a man who goes into a costume shop to try on an outfit and as if by magic ends up going through a door to that place...

Out of interest when embarking on thrifty adventures do you sometimes just get that feeling that you will find something? I do.

Age of Uncertainty, again

Recently i created these quizical cat mini original paintings which i titled the 'Age of uncertainty' series.
Titled from left, above: 'Is the answer known?', 'The future something should come' and 'It confuses my heart'.
But then,
i had them printed into folded note cards and here they are! I know, one minute i've disappeared then i back spruiking all this stuff.. but it was no point telling you until i had them printed. And it's dark when i get home from work - so what's a gal to do but wait until she's on holidays!?
They also are available with badges.. at the moment on Made it here.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Shameless self promo part 2

Surely, these make you smile?
Don't ask why.
Tofu heads are gorgeous, so i have photographed them into their own little stories.. I have created these sets with 11 year old Miss R who helps make some of the props.
Want to ask a friend over for a cup of tea? Tired of eating alone?
Well, here's a couple of professionally printed postcards I have created.. now in stock at my Etsy + Made it stores.

Shameless self promo

They're here! fresh from the printers.. I've really been wanting to design some fabric - but meanwhile i'm doing textiles on cards! I know I'm biased but the note card is perfect for framing! Why not keep him in your life longer.. but if you do need to write to someone, 4 postcards are also included!
Available on Etsy here and made it here.

Here i am..

Sorry to have left you like that.. you know how it gets. In my case it was the last week of term, then a few days break at Easter - great for doing things like removing massive dust build up from the fan (oooh yes!) ... anyway... then it was back to the office for a few hectic days before a week off.. THEN
off we took to the country.. BUT don't get me started on this 'just over 2 1/2 hours from Sydney' business. Unless these people are aboard some futuristic hovercraft hybrid vehicle there is NO WAY Barrington Tops is any such distance from Sydney!!! inhale..

But it was all very lovely, including the local towns and bits of nature..

There was inclement weather which converts to 'lush surrounds', a self contained cabin - converts to 'you'll be indoors', and the woolshed games room 'hooray - as a few hours were spent there'...
Luckily it did fine up and Miss R and I got our tour of the property on horse back, perfect indeed.

Miss R also packed Anna the bear seen here, taking in the country air..
So after a few hours rained in i picked up the sketchbook, the 3 felt tip pens and sketched my own wildlife.. I'm one of those people (perhaps like you) who looks at other peoples' blogs wondering how they come up with ideas or how they draw 'like that'.. anyway, I've never drawn in this style and i don't know why i did then. All i can tell you is I had time to do the detail work and i just kept my pen moving on the page without thinking..

Sunday, April 5, 2009

a bit crafty

It's bliss to me waking up to a cool slightly showery Saturday morning... yesterday i started some knitting. I think this often coincides with April in Sydney for me. This time i'm thinking not scarf, but shrug. However this is knitting up a bit too dense. I may have to keep going a bit further then decide.. I was feeling a little sniffly though so did have a tiny rest. BUT when i surfaced i found myself compelled to do this owl.. as a digital illustration. I was quite chuffed so sent him off to get printed..
THEN today with an extra hour (due to the clocks changing) i worked on some other bits and pieces.. I felt like crazy craft woman, at the mac - then drawing, then knitting, THEN sewing!
I couldn't resist the 'Udderly lovely cow' calling me from my "Meet me at Mikes" book.. so as Fliss Dodd the clever crafter who drafted the pattern for us all to share quoted it as a 3 hour project, off i went. Not the best shot - but now it gets dark quicker!
Have a good week..

ps.. I forgot to add things i learnt from this weekend's crafty experience.
1) using up your stash is fun - seeing what bits you have - that choose how the piece ends up.
2) even though you feel like you're ignoring your 11 year old - in fact it was lovely to sit with her and her friend at the table for a couple of hours - chatting while they drew pictures. "oh! you're such a good drawer, mine's sooooo lame!"


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