Monday, March 2, 2009

walk this way

So every now and then i ask myself: 'why do i blog?' i usually answer with 'to be part of a creative community'. I don't know what motivates others, what drives them, how they find so much to share? Which means sometimes i agonise over what to post - the old: 'do they really want me to share that?' do they care?
Then days go past... maybe even a week or so.. do they wonder what's happened to me? Hhhmmm.

So anyway, I'm fine. Just the usual life issues.. so much time spent at work, but glad to have a job, can't complain. Have been feeling odd, but nothing drastic, can't complain. Often bogged down by domestic chores, but have a family, can't complain. Want to create more, experiment! lucky to fit in small things, can't complain.

So the other day while i walked to work.. i was the nutter taking pictures. I am mesmorised by the endless pacing feet around me every day. It was quite therapeutic, this taking of shots.. which i'm going to use in a zine... so i guess what i mean is even when you feel in a bit of a rut you can do something.. do you agree?

ps: thanks for grass is greener comments, feel free to still contribute..

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katiecrackernuts said...

I am feeling in groundhog day mode. Your blog post resembles something along the lines of what I am editing in my head, but I feel like I am grumbling and it would be nice to have a grumble-free space (not that I think you are grumbling, I am empathising). Like you, happy to have a job to pay the bills at the moment, then wonder if paying bills is what it's all about. Hmmm.


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