Sunday, March 22, 2009

Embracing the uncertainty..

So this weekend i managed to spend some time in the shed, door onto the deck open, breeze flowing in, ABC radio in the background... and this is what i came up with "Age of Uncertainty" paintings.
Titled, left to right: 'It confuses my heart', 'The future, something should come', and "Is the answer known?"
They are wee acrylic original paintings on wood. Perfect size for shelves or displaying in nooks and crannies..
When listed on Etsy or Made it - they will make for economic shipping too...

I did 3 sets, here's the others, as yet untitled:


Georgie Love said...

Let me know when they are up, I want the kitties!

CurlyPops said...

They're gorgeous! I love the robots.

Betty Jo said...

These are fabo. Love them all, cant decide. Just then I did a robotic themed post, so maybe the robots win!

Busy Bird said...

Awesome - Am a big fan of Robots - so I love the robot prints!


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