Sunday, March 29, 2009


Hello. How are we? Amazing that it can be the end of March.. I love Autumn in the air.. So I'm up to my usual: "where did the weekend go? and "Really need to go to bed - but will just quickly get this in"..
The weekend was lovely and included a trip out with the girls from the 'altered book' club.. (where we all have chosen a book - we alter its pages then pass it to the next person..). This involved meeting for lunch at a cosy Sydney cafe. After much deliberation - my choice was the homemade ricotta ravoli with asparagus, roast tomato and pesto. Yumbo!
The book - shown here (the figure influenced by Yoshimoto Nara) is my third one, as i have been using children's board books. This one is exactly the same as the first one! However, last time i went for a sleep theme. This one is all about choosing a verb. The one above is 'ANNOYED". 'As in: 'Daisy gets... annoyed ... when people talk crap.'

Is that what I just did?

Will try and pop back with a short post tomorrow..


katiecrackernuts said...

You are soooo clever. I saw the Sydney Writers Festival has a zine fair. Are you exhibiting?

Anonymous said...

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