Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Pip, pip HOORAY!!!

Soooo i managed to pick up a copy of the fabulous 'Meet me at Mikes - 26 crafty projects and things to make' by the amazingly talented Pip Lincolne. It is fantastic, so yes you should get one. Here's why:
Beautifully shot and layed out - makes you go 'ahhhhh' and stroke the page.
Lovely projects you actually will want to make, like Moopy's notebook holder (above) or Fliss Dodd's Udderly lovely cow softie, or Marianne's ephemera mobile, oh! and Suzie's Butterfly Evelyn.. so actually my Easter is looking busy... It's wonderful to see a showcase of talented Aussie crafters.. I'm sure you'll agree!

Sunday, March 29, 2009


Hello. How are we? Amazing that it can be the end of March.. I love Autumn in the air.. So I'm up to my usual: "where did the weekend go? and "Really need to go to bed - but will just quickly get this in"..
The weekend was lovely and included a trip out with the girls from the 'altered book' club.. (where we all have chosen a book - we alter its pages then pass it to the next person..). This involved meeting for lunch at a cosy Sydney cafe. After much deliberation - my choice was the homemade ricotta ravoli with asparagus, roast tomato and pesto. Yumbo!
The book - shown here (the figure influenced by Yoshimoto Nara) is my third one, as i have been using children's board books. This one is exactly the same as the first one! However, last time i went for a sleep theme. This one is all about choosing a verb. The one above is 'ANNOYED". 'As in: 'Daisy gets... annoyed ... when people talk crap.'

Is that what I just did?

Will try and pop back with a short post tomorrow..

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Embracing the uncertainty..

So this weekend i managed to spend some time in the shed, door onto the deck open, breeze flowing in, ABC radio in the background... and this is what i came up with "Age of Uncertainty" paintings.
Titled, left to right: 'It confuses my heart', 'The future, something should come', and "Is the answer known?"
They are wee acrylic original paintings on wood. Perfect size for shelves or displaying in nooks and crannies..
When listed on Etsy or Made it - they will make for economic shipping too...

I did 3 sets, here's the others, as yet untitled:

Monday, March 16, 2009

so more: sweetness and light..

Finally! I got to my desk on the weekend for a wee while and completed a new zine: Maurice has a think.
Maurice I've discovered - having got to know him a little better, is quite anxious... about all sorts of things. This zine is him thinking about the future. It's child friendly AND you can colour it in! wow.
It's available now on Made it and Etsy... with BONUS printed card.

Monday, March 2, 2009

It's a small world

So on the weekend i went back for another workshop - only as chauffeur of course - for Miss R and her friend!! Well, who could resist making a miniature tempura prawn udon?? (The coin is meant to show scale here: is an Aussie 5 cent piece like a U.S dime?).. Lulu always makes it look so easy.. but hey, i thought my efforts turned out ok.. best not to think about the 'why?' Although i wonder what reflections my daughter will have on her childhood when she's in her twenties...

walk this way

So every now and then i ask myself: 'why do i blog?' i usually answer with 'to be part of a creative community'. I don't know what motivates others, what drives them, how they find so much to share? Which means sometimes i agonise over what to post - the old: 'do they really want me to share that?' do they care?
Then days go past... maybe even a week or so.. do they wonder what's happened to me? Hhhmmm.

So anyway, I'm fine. Just the usual life issues.. so much time spent at work, but glad to have a job, can't complain. Have been feeling odd, but nothing drastic, can't complain. Often bogged down by domestic chores, but have a family, can't complain. Want to create more, experiment! lucky to fit in small things, can't complain.

So the other day while i walked to work.. i was the nutter taking pictures. I am mesmorised by the endless pacing feet around me every day. It was quite therapeutic, this taking of shots.. which i'm going to use in a zine... so i guess what i mean is even when you feel in a bit of a rut you can do something.. do you agree?

ps: thanks for grass is greener comments, feel free to still contribute..


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