Sunday, February 15, 2009

Sweetness and light

Hello, sorry i missed you last week.. first, before i ramble.. last week it was fairly hard to focus on anything other than the horrendous bush fires in Victoria, the floods in Queensland and the general doom and gloom of the world... all i can say is that crafting and creating is a small way to achieve a little sweetness and light in your life... i hope you can find some..

Last Sunday was spent doing my second felt course. This time it was all about techniques. We embedded, cut, and shaped. The house (above) is from my talented friend over here.. The house had 2 layers so the windows could be cut out. While i was keen to explore nuno felting - where silk or other fabric is 'hidden' underneath the top layer.. the other piece above is me playing around with prefelted shapes to achieve a more controlled design. It's funny that this was done in the last 20 minutes of the course (it was also 33 degrees), usually i'm quite precious about all my pieces - but here i found myself hacking into my colours - i must admit i did think i had come over a bit 'graphic designer' but hey, not a bad result.

ps. the dog is a new little charm thing i found myself stitching up from some scraps.. he does make me smile at his ridiculous existence, so i guess that's something.


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