Wednesday, January 7, 2009

The Rolodex project

Sometime ago I came across the Rolodex Project while reading the lovely Applehead's blog here. So I decided 'Yes! that sounds great, could I play?' So went to the source at Leafcutter Designs. And my little cards arrived in the post. Then I just needed to draw a couple of objects.. so here's what I ended up with. One is of a white money box gnome my Christmas present from the kids. Then: the lint removing brush, which regularly gets used to clean up Elvie's long white hair. I guess the vintage Rolodex then becomes a portable gallery with everyones collection of drawings. See details here.
Lea has some fantastic projects on the go, definitely an amazing artist - go for a look.
I love that aspect of the internet community: participation.
Although of course the trap, is to want to join in lots of things!!
HHhmmmm what could I start????

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marianne alice said...

I have broadband up and running again!!!So I can catch up with what you are doing in the land of sunshine and more sunshine!!!Love the drawings - it really was such a fun and quick way to satisfy the urge to join in something, anything creative... Happy New year


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