Saturday, January 10, 2009

great to curl up with...a..

well perhaps in front of your computer..
You probably have seen this online FREE (amazing!) magazine before: Blanket, but it's worth keeping updated and now they have a blog too. Call me 'unrealistic' but when i have my morning coffee i can't face the paper - all that bad news and misery.. So i find myself at the mac catching up on blogs and inspiring creative stuff. Issue 13 of blanket came out recently and it's great to flip through art, design, interviews and new creative stuff. They also have a donate button which i think is a great idea - an opportunity to show your support in turn for a great browse (let's face it you can't always get stuff like this at the newsagent).
BUT better still you can contribute - download the latest pdf issue here and check out the back page.
You have til the 15th choose from their next theme: BLUE or submit to the gallery.
I found myself doing this.. on a bit of packaging cardboard..


Dick and Dora said...

O goodie Dudley, thanks for the lead. I love Blanket but often forget to look. I'm with you on the papers issue - call me Pollyanna but I can't stand the death and destruction either. Dora x

Blanket Magazine said...

Oh thank you Tara! What a lovely post about Blanket... I'm really chuffed to hear you enjoy reading it!
It makes it all worthwhile! Bec xx


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