Sunday, January 11, 2009

And they played on..

It's been a few days of the kids going to sleep overs, having friends here, little trips out and pottering around.
Unfortunately we didn't quite time both kids out at once.. so no night off. Then it's cranky pants all-round the next day, as everyone tries to catch up on those extra hours.. aaaaah holidays!
One morning Miss R , her friend and i tried this cupcake project I'd seen in an issue of clothpaperscissors magazine. Basically you source a ceramic cupcake shape (from a $2 shop or similar) put in a bit of scrunched up newspaper, lay a bit of air drying clay of the top, add some tissue paper and some decorations.. voila!
The duck is one of Miss R's pics from a late afternoon jaunt to the damn. The scarf is a vintage find from an afternoon spent wandering Newtown.

Something else i've recently enjoyed is the sharing of a crafter-noon (not my original concept).. instead of drifting round cafes and shops, friends have popped over with a project in hand. Usually there's chat, a hot drink and a sweet thing too. This week i was working on my diary cover ... concentration was proving a little difficult and i did nearly chuck it all in several times.. BUT on i went and patch worked together some bits from my fist felt course (which was a very narrow piece - hence the thinking involved to measure it all)... I added the elastic to stop it opening in my bag, a treasured ceramic button and a little charm for a all set to plan my year!

It's been lovely - hope you all have enjoyed your holidays too... but now i must pack my bag ... think of me on the 7.47am back to the office in the morning... x


katiecrackernuts said...

Boo hoo. Back to work. I haven't had a break since, what, July? Gee sus. I'm hanging out for one. I'm a tired little bunny.

Dick and Dora said...

Hope day 1 went well Dudley. I lurve that scraf.

mariannealice said...

Love that scarf- could have guessed that you were a vintage scarf kind of gal...


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