Tuesday, January 27, 2009

'Altered' Book Club

Sooooo an update... for just over a year now I've been part of an altered book club. 5 of us kind of all stumbled across each other and formed this group. We selected our own books, and began, by altering the cover and the 1st spread. You can see a little more here over at Shelbyville.
I must admit it has its moments of pain and suffering, as in "Good grief! it's this weekend and I've done nothing!" But then, once you push through that it's great to see what can be done. Also the revealing 'ooooh' moment of meeting up and seeing what everyone else has been working on.
I had the 'Larkin' this week, the pic above is Michelle's alteration - which responds to a Tom Jones reference on the page.. her alteration then crept over the page to which i altered with this..

which was a response to "Larkin looks into England". The post box was from a vintage childrens' book. The bus is a handmade stamp, the rest just painted or drawn. (it was 40 degrees while i was painting this).
What was interesting was observing the process - how it all just evolved and how freeing this was.. I wish i could do journal pages like this..

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