Sunday, November 9, 2008

Out and about

Hello, hope you had a good week?
Last weekend i managed to go from Friday evening to Sunday evening without leaving the house (the other members of the household - including the cats, came and went)... some may think that odd or even slightly sad, no matter. I got things done. BUT This weekend was all about getting out and about, chatting, looking, catching up. It works for me - staying home creating. I find it can be quite meditative - so when i do go out, I find that i am more 'in the moment' rather than feeling like I'm on a rollercoaster trip, or resenting missed creative time!
One of my catch-ups was our altered book swap. Here is my latest edition of the 'book swap' I had the ever-so-scarey 1950's cookbook - which always seems like a daunting little number to alter..But suddenly when i read the Practical Work section which was all about collecting sets of saucepans and comparing prices - it hit me! Enid Blyton's Mr Saucepan man.. so that was the inspiration for him. The other page mentioned pot holders and the 'correct material' and how to stitch them together to make them last longer. So then i found myself stitching a tiny weeny quilted oven mit. AAaaahh!

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