Sunday, November 9, 2008

On my desk

This is on my desk at the moment. Faythe Levine decided to travel the U.S making a documentary (for release in 2009) about the rise of craft and DIY. It has 24 creative people that have been interviewed in the book - some of them well known like Jenny Hart, Jill Bliss or Jennifer Perkins and perhaps some lesser known.
While it doesn't reveal anything new - it's like having a little portal available. Something that helps you travel to 'that' world for as long as it takes to have a nice cup of tea - or to take 5 minutes out. Occasionally it's also nice to step away from the computer.. although if you do want the multimedia experience listen to Alison Lee from Craftcast interviewing Faythe here. or to find out more about the move go here..

Have a creative week..

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CurlyPops said...

I saw that at the book shop on Friday but couldn't afford it...drats!


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