Sunday, November 16, 2008

Oh deer - Christmas self promo!

Ok, so i think it was fun.. coming up with this years' design - sometime in October when i realised that i'd better get on to it. And of course it all works well as a little set. The heart badge keeps on reminding that special someone that you care.. aahhh.
This design is a combination of painted, stamped (cut by hand) and digital illustration, all professionally printed. The green + brown (below) reindeer was also a handmade rubber stamp - lovingly carved.

But what i want to know is: do other people have to take their Etsy shots having quickly charged all over the house looking for the last bit of sunlight, while bringing in the washing before it rains, running a bath for the kids and making sure the roast veggies don't burn??? wouldn't want to think it was just me...


Hoppo Bumpo said...

The reindeer print is fabulous.

(Oh, and I struggle just bringing in the washing, running the kids' bath and making sure the vegies don't burn ... taking photos at the same time sounds hard!)

katiecrackernuts said...

Yeap. Not Etsy, but almost all the blog photos are done like that. I feel like a western gunslinger some days. Point and shoot. And is that a sheet the reindeers are shot on? You'll find sheets, doona covers, quilt covers, backs of pillows, etcetera, in my pics. I still think your pics look fab though. After all, it's about the product - and these look fantastic. Well done. Will have to take a look at the Etsy shop.

Betty Jo said...

You forgot-feeding the pets, finding the remote, proof reading homework etc etc....The proficiency of the juggling mum is astounding.
Yay to you for creating those adorable Chrissy products. In heaps of time for Chrissy!


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