Sunday, October 26, 2008

market forces

The week that was .. day job: designing a feature on food in Montreal, weeknights: trying to catch up with friends, weekend: boys at scout camp, girls: singing, dancing, crafting, movies, out and about. perfect.
So our visit was to the Danks Street festival which incorporated the PYD designer market. well. it was PACKED! seething with people - no tarmac to be seen.. full of food, produce, art and design.
Here is what i found:

I couldn't resist buying the adorable fabric panel sheep from feed the dog, (above, top). I would've loved the apron dress from the naively chic Nell.. go see her website - she truly has beautiful she says "from Paris to Sydney.. (above, left). I also spotted some funky felt bits from 0049 design.. and some punchy artwork from prado-marin.
Sydney finally remembered it was Spring, so decided to let the sun shine.
The street was blocked off, the galleries opened, the people swarmed.. I hope they also made it into the 'cooler' indoor market too.
While us girls high-tailed it home - with a few hours left to create... more on that later..
Enjoy your week too.


mizu designs said...

I've got the same feed the dog cushion sitting on my couch and just love it. Soooo cute!

Anonymous said...

i wish i could go there!!!!
i will go next year hopefully!!
your purchased items looks great!!

Anna Laura said...

I've tagged you on my blog, however I understand sometimes they come at the wrong time, so please don't feel any pressure to do a post.

Anonymous said...

Great post DR, I love your blog. Can you tell me, were Nell's wares expensive? I've just visited her site but there are no prices. She makes gorgeous things :^)
Cheers, Rebecca


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