Saturday, October 11, 2008

Holiday de- brief part 2.

The first part of our trip was the Toy & Railway Museum at Leura. That's the house (above), furnished with the original 1900's interior it also houses the most wonderful collection of toys from the last hundred years. Everything from tin toys to dolls, games and books, boats and planes. It was truly incredible and worth a visit if you are over that way and haven't been .. Unfortunately even if you say you work for a magazine they won't let you take photos..
And in the garden you'll find model railways, signage and train memorabilia. The garden itself was also gorgeous and reminded me of my childhood visits to 'gardens' with my grandparents in England. Across the road is an amazing view of the Blue Mountains - worth the $2 turnstile fee - which goes further if you all huddle close and go through together... Lunch was truly worth a lookout, the family are seated at Solitary Kiosk, a great alternative to the main street...

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shelbyville said...

Thanks for letting us know about the toy museum - that's definitely something I'm adding to my to do list next trip up to the mountains!


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