Friday, October 3, 2008

Hello! Hello! Hello! Here I am! currently it's 10pm, 28 degrees and the sky is rumbling with thunder.. and my legs are stuck to the chair. .. BUT I thought - i must at least say hello! A good friend recently reminded me that my blog doesn't have to be like the magazine i work on - with deadlines and regularity.. Well that made me feel better..
The last few weeks I've dealt with a sick household - me having tonsillitis, all the end of term stuff, then getting ready to go on 2 weeks holiday from work. (Ok - big lightening - let's hope i get to finish this)..
But why does it take so long to get through: new school shoes, sorting out the clothes drawers, dropping off to Vinnies the outgrown stuff (why is parking so difficult there??), haircuts, groceries, endless trips to the recycling bin outside... yesterday I managed to 'just sit down'. (My mother always said that when we walked in: "oh, I've just this minute sat down...) When do i get to do what I want to do! How modern, how selfish. But yet, how completely necessary!! (oh. sorry this has turned into rambling)
ps - We (the kids and I) did manage at least one holiday movie - this was Master Redhead's Wall-E. Just from memory.. I was impressed..

Last weekend (should've checked weather report before leaving the house) we battled extreme October heat and visited 'Reverse Garbage'. It's basically where commercial waste can end up. Fantastic! Bins and tubs of plastic, fabric, paper, containers - all sorts of stuff really. Here is a small snapshot of part of my find. I then spent an hour taking lots of sample fabric from its' cardboard... but entirely worth it I'm sure.. the only thing missing was the bin that said 'spare time.'

Aah yes - so a couple of weekends ago I did manage to try my own felt at home - it was most excellent! Kind of like painting with fluff really. And last Sunday these 2 items were created .. a felt flower brooch, and Charlie the Dog... both of which ( a limited few first editions) are now on their way to the lovely Dora in Tasmania who will be hosting some of Dudley's work at the Mother's Market in Hobart next weekend. Pop over to Dick and Dora for more information...
So then I asked Miss R - 'can you take a photo of Dudley on his holiday?' This was what she came up with.. Dudley reading How to relax. Do you think she's hinting? It's now 10.34pm the rain drizzled out and stopped. The lightening has moved away, I'm still a little warm.. BUT we are off to the countryside for a few days. A farm stay, mountains on the way. I've loaded up with pod casts: crafty, arty, social and the BBC. I've got non perishable groceries all over the kitchen floor. (you see if we eat 2 apples each that's already 8 gone! and 'i'm not doing the 90 minutes round trip to the nearest town for more food...), the cats have gone on their holiday to a lovely place - where they are basically in a custom built aviary.. we've installed a bike rack and a pod on the (recently downsized but cost effective smaller car - missing the wagon here).
BUT I've packed nothing else... (oh - slight breeze through window). Clothes will be easy, BUT what to craft!!! small portable project???paints? sketchbook? scraps of fabric???
must now go and ponder (thunder is getting louder)... good night, thanks for coming back.. see you next weekend i hope...


katiecrackernuts said...

It is hard not to feel that “deadline” pressure. The blog still feels like a publication for me too.
Haven’t the evening – and morning – storms been magic? The weather has been crazy but the weekend was good for getting into the garden. This rain has helped my mulch settle. I gave up on housework – save for sorting out a linen cupboard – this week and did the garden instead. It had to be done but also felt like a chance to just escape the chaos that is school hols. Mind you, I still had to deal with it all Sunday evening and felt very cheated by the start of daylight slaving – the spelling mistake is deliberate.
Wall-E? Of course, a robot movie. I have heard it’s good. I saw The Mummy. Not as good as the first two.
Oooh, Reverse Garbage. Love the place. Love the idea. I have a mini version of it in my Guide hall and plans to start a series of recycled junk workshops for Guide, Scout and other youth group leaders. Big plans, but like you, a lack of time. I have the funding proposal all done, am waiting, I kid you not, for 2010 when I can focus on the plan. There’s other things happening in 2009.
Enjoy that small break. Can’t wait to see where and what you did do with that “relax” time.

Anonymous said...

oh, i really wanna go to reverse garbage to find some fabric pieces!!
i hope you all had a great holiday!!


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