Saturday, October 11, 2008

Back from the bush..

So this is what happened.
Last Saturday morning, as i packed the groceries for our week away, then my clothes, then the kids clothes, did a quick check around the house - I kept thinking of what i should take to work on creatively.. fabric? (but what, EXACTLY?) books? (but what, EXACTLY?) small project? (but what, EXACTLY?)..
then - quick!! Time to get in the car and go...

So there i was, on a 10,000 acre property almost 5 hours from Sydney with no fabric, no books, no small projects.
But what i did find was TIME.

No books, no inspiration to flick through, no computer, no previously cleverly constructed idea - that just needs following through.. Nothing in the bag, JUST TIME. The irony of it all...

No cute little images, no gorgeous whimsical designs, no textile ideas. JUST TIME and vast amounts of nothing. How can this happen to me? Can i go with this? Can i battle through the pain? the agony, the DESPAIR.
Then it occurs to me...

I can doodle in my cute little moleskines, get out the frustration... ignore the voice that says "you can't draw, and you don't DO cartoons.' No, just push through, keep going... after all you have no alternative.
So off i went walking round the countryside, taking shots... of ... everything..

So a photographic snapshot will soon follow..
It was an amazing property - such vastness and isolation. I was also lucky to get in some riding (which did fill a couple of afternoons too!)
So what do you do on holiday, has this happened to you?
So busy and not enough time to pack-a-project?
What was your solution, or can you just 'let go!'
I'd love to hear..

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Shelbyville said...

Ah, yes, such an intriguing question. I thought back to the last trip away - up at Tambourine Mountain - log cabin, sunshine, swing seat overlooking sweeping valley views. And I remembered that I did a lot of writing and I did a lot of thinking. Pencil and paper and daydreams. I wrote about life and goals and projects, and I thought about the big picture view of it all, strategies, and plans, and I wrote it down in my journal, my Moleskine and on found scraps of paper. I like how a trip away from the familiar allows me to think big so when I get home I can go back to working with the small...but with a new persepective.


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