Sunday, October 12, 2008

art of the countryside...

It's been a great two weeks holiday, it took me days to disconnect from work and the usual routine, but it was worth it - to get to the other side. After mentally beating myself up (in a relaxed holiday way) for wanting to 'create' something as a result of my exile at the farm... today i did these little works. I really wanted to get out the sewing machine - but knew i wouldn't really have the time and was limited by the materials i had. These were digitally collaged using the 'swatch' fabric scraps i found in the bins at reverse garbage (see earlier post).
I think i'd like to print them on 'nice' art paper..
oh well back to my other life.. have a good week! I hope you enjoyed the sharing..


Dick and Dora said...

You are SO clever. Regards Dick

knitting sprouts said...

how fabulous are they!


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