Sunday, October 26, 2008

market forces

The week that was .. day job: designing a feature on food in Montreal, weeknights: trying to catch up with friends, weekend: boys at scout camp, girls: singing, dancing, crafting, movies, out and about. perfect.
So our visit was to the Danks Street festival which incorporated the PYD designer market. well. it was PACKED! seething with people - no tarmac to be seen.. full of food, produce, art and design.
Here is what i found:

I couldn't resist buying the adorable fabric panel sheep from feed the dog, (above, top). I would've loved the apron dress from the naively chic Nell.. go see her website - she truly has beautiful she says "from Paris to Sydney.. (above, left). I also spotted some funky felt bits from 0049 design.. and some punchy artwork from prado-marin.
Sydney finally remembered it was Spring, so decided to let the sun shine.
The street was blocked off, the galleries opened, the people swarmed.. I hope they also made it into the 'cooler' indoor market too.
While us girls high-tailed it home - with a few hours left to create... more on that later..
Enjoy your week too.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Theme pack

Due to various life forces i haven't really been in 'the shop' much.. but today i put together a few 'Found in Japan' packs. Which include my zine, printed note card + cute little badge on it's own gift tag. The image was a stamp I cut, printed with ink, then digitally collaged. Find it by clicking on my Etsy link or through madeit.
ps - it was pointed out to me that comments could only be left on my blog with a google id, i have now changed that so anyone can say hi.. have a great week!

Swatch what you ask for...

So a bit more on the 'new room'. Some detailing: putty in the holes, painting the window frames, skirting boards and selecting new colour for the feature wall... So off to the hardware store on Saturday morning we went...
All i can say was poor little Lou, all on his own at the paint counter.. 9am and TWO female graphic designers trying to custom mix their own swatches. Why is it that the colour you want doesn't exist AT ALL?
Poor Lou, he perserved while we knocked back his efforts - until after a little more ochre (for her) and a little more black for me (and feeling slightly pressured by the possibility of queue rage) we took our tins and left..
This was after yesterdays painting.. it's lovely as the light changes too.. pinboards, curtains and blinds next..

Sunday, October 12, 2008

art of the countryside...

It's been a great two weeks holiday, it took me days to disconnect from work and the usual routine, but it was worth it - to get to the other side. After mentally beating myself up (in a relaxed holiday way) for wanting to 'create' something as a result of my exile at the farm... today i did these little works. I really wanted to get out the sewing machine - but knew i wouldn't really have the time and was limited by the materials i had. These were digitally collaged using the 'swatch' fabric scraps i found in the bins at reverse garbage (see earlier post).
I think i'd like to print them on 'nice' art paper..
oh well back to my other life.. have a good week! I hope you enjoyed the sharing..

Saturday, October 11, 2008

The farm

So here it is. Millamolong Station, a snap shot: Wattle cottage - one of the accommodation options on the property and where we stayed. Miss R going off to her first day of pony camp. (Alright for some!) The lush green paddocks that stretch for miles... aahhh.

Holiday de- brief part 2.

The first part of our trip was the Toy & Railway Museum at Leura. That's the house (above), furnished with the original 1900's interior it also houses the most wonderful collection of toys from the last hundred years. Everything from tin toys to dolls, games and books, boats and planes. It was truly incredible and worth a visit if you are over that way and haven't been .. Unfortunately even if you say you work for a magazine they won't let you take photos..
And in the garden you'll find model railways, signage and train memorabilia. The garden itself was also gorgeous and reminded me of my childhood visits to 'gardens' with my grandparents in England. Across the road is an amazing view of the Blue Mountains - worth the $2 turnstile fee - which goes further if you all huddle close and go through together... Lunch was truly worth a lookout, the family are seated at Solitary Kiosk, a great alternative to the main street...

Back from the bush..

So this is what happened.
Last Saturday morning, as i packed the groceries for our week away, then my clothes, then the kids clothes, did a quick check around the house - I kept thinking of what i should take to work on creatively.. fabric? (but what, EXACTLY?) books? (but what, EXACTLY?) small project? (but what, EXACTLY?)..
then - quick!! Time to get in the car and go...

So there i was, on a 10,000 acre property almost 5 hours from Sydney with no fabric, no books, no small projects.
But what i did find was TIME.

No books, no inspiration to flick through, no computer, no previously cleverly constructed idea - that just needs following through.. Nothing in the bag, JUST TIME. The irony of it all...

No cute little images, no gorgeous whimsical designs, no textile ideas. JUST TIME and vast amounts of nothing. How can this happen to me? Can i go with this? Can i battle through the pain? the agony, the DESPAIR.
Then it occurs to me...

I can doodle in my cute little moleskines, get out the frustration... ignore the voice that says "you can't draw, and you don't DO cartoons.' No, just push through, keep going... after all you have no alternative.
So off i went walking round the countryside, taking shots... of ... everything..

So a photographic snapshot will soon follow..
It was an amazing property - such vastness and isolation. I was also lucky to get in some riding (which did fill a couple of afternoons too!)
So what do you do on holiday, has this happened to you?
So busy and not enough time to pack-a-project?
What was your solution, or can you just 'let go!'
I'd love to hear..

Friday, October 3, 2008

Hello! Hello! Hello! Here I am! currently it's 10pm, 28 degrees and the sky is rumbling with thunder.. and my legs are stuck to the chair. .. BUT I thought - i must at least say hello! A good friend recently reminded me that my blog doesn't have to be like the magazine i work on - with deadlines and regularity.. Well that made me feel better..
The last few weeks I've dealt with a sick household - me having tonsillitis, all the end of term stuff, then getting ready to go on 2 weeks holiday from work. (Ok - big lightening - let's hope i get to finish this)..
But why does it take so long to get through: new school shoes, sorting out the clothes drawers, dropping off to Vinnies the outgrown stuff (why is parking so difficult there??), haircuts, groceries, endless trips to the recycling bin outside... yesterday I managed to 'just sit down'. (My mother always said that when we walked in: "oh, I've just this minute sat down...) When do i get to do what I want to do! How modern, how selfish. But yet, how completely necessary!! (oh. sorry this has turned into rambling)
ps - We (the kids and I) did manage at least one holiday movie - this was Master Redhead's Wall-E. Just from memory.. I was impressed..

Last weekend (should've checked weather report before leaving the house) we battled extreme October heat and visited 'Reverse Garbage'. It's basically where commercial waste can end up. Fantastic! Bins and tubs of plastic, fabric, paper, containers - all sorts of stuff really. Here is a small snapshot of part of my find. I then spent an hour taking lots of sample fabric from its' cardboard... but entirely worth it I'm sure.. the only thing missing was the bin that said 'spare time.'

Aah yes - so a couple of weekends ago I did manage to try my own felt at home - it was most excellent! Kind of like painting with fluff really. And last Sunday these 2 items were created .. a felt flower brooch, and Charlie the Dog... both of which ( a limited few first editions) are now on their way to the lovely Dora in Tasmania who will be hosting some of Dudley's work at the Mother's Market in Hobart next weekend. Pop over to Dick and Dora for more information...
So then I asked Miss R - 'can you take a photo of Dudley on his holiday?' This was what she came up with.. Dudley reading How to relax. Do you think she's hinting? It's now 10.34pm the rain drizzled out and stopped. The lightening has moved away, I'm still a little warm.. BUT we are off to the countryside for a few days. A farm stay, mountains on the way. I've loaded up with pod casts: crafty, arty, social and the BBC. I've got non perishable groceries all over the kitchen floor. (you see if we eat 2 apples each that's already 8 gone! and 'i'm not doing the 90 minutes round trip to the nearest town for more food...), the cats have gone on their holiday to a lovely place - where they are basically in a custom built aviary.. we've installed a bike rack and a pod on the (recently downsized but cost effective smaller car - missing the wagon here).
BUT I've packed nothing else... (oh - slight breeze through window). Clothes will be easy, BUT what to craft!!! small portable project???paints? sketchbook? scraps of fabric???
must now go and ponder (thunder is getting louder)... good night, thanks for coming back.. see you next weekend i hope...


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