Sunday, August 17, 2008

Felt good, indeed

Firstly, I apologise for appearing in my blog for 2 consecutive weeks.. but it (my scarf) just wasn't going to look the same lying on a surface.. So yesterday, I attended a felting workshop - learn to make scarves. Woo hoo!
have been dying to do a workshop for ages and b) OOOH! the possibilities of felt..
I guess at this point some people would think me/us a little odd. But for those of you that understand... HHmmm. It was glorious. Not that hard. Quite a bit of physical agitating needed. Lots of soap on hands.. and fairly quick results. It was great to see the range of everyone's handiwork.. from the colour combos to the 'lattice' style to my 'seaweed' one.. The workshop was in Sydney, taught by Gill who has some beautiful pieces on her site and was impressively wearing a few funky items too. Can't wait to get agitated at home now...
Then today was hoping for some lounging around to catch up with some inspiration but by the time i'd done some chores it was time to learn a bit of lawn bowls (Shell's birthday) and have a wander around Newtown .
Note to self: the 'enough' threshold is reached fairly quickly when a ball is involved, whereas 5 hours standing, in the presence of wool bundles and felt is another matter entirely...

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