Sunday, August 31, 2008

Bits and pieces

Hello! thanks so much for coming back. I do appreciate it. I was just having a conversation in my head that went a bit like this:
Do you work full time?
Yeah, as art director on a travel magazine.
Oh, do you get to go anywhere?
No not really.
Do you get to look at amazing pictures and be creative?
Yes - lots of beautiful imagery. Yep, often have to put together ideas for layouts or photo shoots.
Oh. So is it exhausting?
Yes! sometimes (like the last 2 weeks) by the time i get to my computer at 9pm it's hard to be creative or write anything that will be vaguely interesting...

So that's where i've been...

This weekend managed to do a bit of baking and catching up with creative friends.. Then have been 'collecting' online various bits and pieces. So finally got back to the machine and made this pouch for my 64 year old mother who just bought herself a Nintendo ds with brain training... so now she can pop it in her handbag to keep her mind active and mobile!
The 'scraps' were remnants (which i just had to stroke) from the gorgeous world of Lotta Jansdotter. I also found some other little square on Starlitnest, which i think is a great resource for experiencing some wonderful fabrics - in small pieces for buttons, little projects or quilting.

ps: I forgot to mention that i added frayed edges and stitching to my original little bear canvas paintings. I have a couple on Etsy right now..


katiecrackernuts said...

Good for you. Which mag? I just did a big mag buy-up on the weekend. I am a sub/editor/layout sub so read and read and read and never seem to catch up with what's on newsagents shelves. For a newspaper person I failed to buy a single newspaper this weekend. Too many words.

feedthedog said...

love the little purse - are you going to be making these for general consumption?

Vanessa said...

Hi, just discovered your blog, look forward to having a look around.


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