Monday, July 14, 2008

Weekend work

Hello, nice to see you again. I know that sometimes this is all a bit 'show and tell', but, well that often is my life! So many people do all the other stuff so well - that for the moment I'll just stick to this aspect of blogging.
Thanks to those that have shared how they choose a craft project. I began this weekend scribbling all the ideas from inside my head onto separate index cards - while eating my porridge. Once they were released onto card i felt alot freer! Then I saw my envelope that had arrived earlier from artgirlz. Breakfast aside i got stuck in. . they have a huge range of bits and bobs, felt shapes and kits like this pin - definitely worth a cybertrip.
It was so much fun working out the personality of this little figure. I love how you can make the arms and legs move. Miss R is modeling it here - so it will possibly be a better ratio pin on an adult - like me, tomorrow!


katiecrackernuts said...

I keep a diary to record all ideas. People have inspiration boards, but I have a diary. The only problem is trying to locate where I penned the idea or stuck a clipping.

Betty Jo said...

That little girl brooch is gorgeous.
If I don't go straight and create the idea in my head, alot of the time I loose interest. (hard when you are kid wrangling!)xx liz


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