Sunday, July 27, 2008

Barely there

Warning: aside from the nudity above which makes my 10 year olds blush, the following may include a rapid stream of consciousness..
So I've not been blogging. Every time i think about what to write, I'm faced with the voices: "who cares? who really is interested? what should i say? what else can i tell them? surely they just don't want to know what i've made this week, huh? do something no-one else does... make your blog unique. blah blah blah.
so any suggestions may be welcome!
Meanwhile - the sketches above were my attempt at a life drawing class. I spent the first 30 minutes cursing and swearing about how much i hated the whole process that is, life drawing. She kept moving, i wasn't in the right place, my drawing was sh*!t. Then we had a break, then I got into the swing of it, then i quite liked it. Then she moved, then he said "that's it for tonight".


katiecrackernuts said...

We DO care. We DO think your blog is your own (not big on that word unique ... ) and we DO think it's OK for you not to play in Cyberspace and have a real life too. Yah for you.

Sherrin said...

I know hoe you feel. I've been feeling like that over the past while. But you know, even though I haven't commented a lot here, I do love your blog. I subscribed a while back. I love the things you make, and seeing how you set up your stalls. I also love seeing what you create, and I enjoy your humour. :o) So do keep blogging, even if you think no one cares. :o)

angelique said...

I love the blah,blah,blah of peoples blogs. I too have the same thoughts of who gives a rats about me and my blog but I share what I have/do. You never know when someone may be having a giggle or have smile on their faces looking at what you have done.You seem to be a zine queen and I have got myself into a zine swap. Never done it before do you have any handy dandy hints you could blog about or send my way. Cheers and keep bloggin'

marianne said...

I care, I'm really interested and yes, we should catch up for a cup of tea and a cuddle of the baby soon.Oh and I still have those wool tops in the roof just waiting to be made into felt. Have to put that on the list for the next holidays. Rose is still keen to do the zine swap...she just can't decide what to write her zine about!


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