Friday, June 27, 2008

zeen and gone, well going

After spending a few days resting and relaxing ..oh wrong holiday phrase ... after packing all I could into my Melbourne trip .. I almost forgot the Kinokuniya Zine Fair in Sydney tomorrow! ARGH! so I spent today trying to get some Dudley stuff together. I think after this fair I am going to treat myself to a long-arm stapler and stop using the standard stapler into the eraser trick.. oh the luxury.
Anyway inspired by my rummage in Buttonmania I have whipped up a new (so far small edition), zine entitled 'If I was a button..' so if you read this and are in Sydney we'll be in the Galleries Victoria (George St) from 11-4pm.


Betty Jo said...

I want one....pleeease can I buy one.
xx Betty Jo

mixtapezine said...

YAY!! ets here it for the long armed stapler
if you don't sell out of the button zine we'll buy one please

Danielle said...

How fantastic that a visit to Buttonmania inspired your zine!!


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