Sunday, June 1, 2008

You crazy bird.

So Sunday morning 5 am, my head: 'Tin, i must do something with a tin. I must put something in it. Could it be a bird? Should it be an owl? Should it be something useful? What else do I need to do today? go back to sleep. Needle book? Sleep. A flat owl. Sleep. What about a hedgehog?..."
8am, get up do a few things.. friend comes over (she is invited to catch up - but i warn her sewing will be likely). We arrange a stack of materials on the table and decide on birds. (I've seen a lot in cyberspace lately - and want to do my own). We forget about the fitting in the tin thing. She arrived with gorgeous chocolates. We sew, we are surprised at how long they take. Mine is the one top left, I love her combinations too.
Aaaah. a lovely day. BUT what can i do with the tin?


Gillian aka Silly Gilly said...

I thought I would leave a comment of the first 5 things that came into my head as to what to do with the tin:
1) fill it with bird seed or flower seeds to sell with the bird
2) fill it with felt hand made love hearts
3) make bird shaped flat (but slightly filled/stuffed) badges and put them in the tin
4) fill it with bird swap cards to give as a gift
5) put materials used and simple instructions for your hand made bird in tin and give as gift or sell......

Gillian. :)

katiecrackernuts said...

I think you've done it already. You've propped a bird, or two, up on it. Done and done, go back to sleep.


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