Sunday, June 15, 2008

Rainy days and Sundays, and Saturdays...

"So what are you doing this weekend?' Someone asked me on Friday. 'Hhmmm, well I'm going to Melbourne next weekend." Yuh, so how are they related you ask? well that means staying in, conserving funds etc. BUT as luck would have it - the weekend has been bitterly cold and rainy, (some would go as far as to say miserable). So we stayed in and ate, drank hot chocolates, watched movies and made stuff.
The boys updated the Batman case of 'oh so 4 years ago' into a sprayed black portable carrier for the 'mens'.. complete with foam inlays.
While I had decided on skirt with patch work edge. Using existing fabric stash, excellent. Until... 'hhmm I only just ironed that - but yet it appears to be creased'. Sound of penny dropping. 'Oh, found fabric is not suitable for skirt afterall. Damn.' Move to plan B.
So aahh yes - am off to Melbourne (woo hoo!) later in the week with Miss R for a fun filled girls adventure. Sooo good opportunity for journal writing/sketching. Oh what to use? Ah Haa - must buy new sketchy pens - and moleskine journals. Tick. Hhhmm, must stitch accessories - in order to find in bag...
So what can i put on them? well I didn't have time to dream up amazing unique ideas - so i borrowed from this gorgeous piece of Japanese stationery.. and made these... matchy poo.


katiecrackernuts said...

Too cool. Have a great weekend in Melbourne. I agree this weekend was a good one for staying in. I did some sewing and some reading. Yah.

redbabette said...

Hi Tara, you might want to check out this blog for some ideas for what to do and see in Melbourne.


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