Monday, June 9, 2008

A long weekend, porridge and two bears

Hello and welcome back. Well actually tis I.
I've been sitting in my chair. Possibly a bit too long. But not the same chair. You see it started with a cup of tea over at Appleheads which was great as I got to cuddle the new baby, eat freshly baked scones AND check out the craft library. Definitely a trifecta. (Again the power of the cyber crafting community - we live close by - but only realized this a few months ago. Amazing). Which then meant that i borrowed cool craft books. Which then meant I had to make something. So here they are: sister bears. Well my sister was visiting with her family - so she got the grey bear. Mine had a slightly wonky leg - but it can be mistaken as skipping?
The middle pic was me coming over all Martha - suddenly remembering the 'small white vessels' i had found at op shops when i was carting them around for kids to draw in my art classes (something i did a while back for a few months).. Today was spent sitting some more, packing up some Dudley to post off, working on my next contribution for mixtape zine then relocating to a cinema seat (with 500 others) to catch Prince Caspian. Okay, but Susan's scowling and endless arrows do get a bit much..


Sherrin said...

I love your bears, especially the one you kept for yourself. :o)

katiecrackernuts said...

They look great. What a neat idea. Does one bear go to your sister's house and the other stay with you. Too good. You can talk to it when you can't find your sister. I like it.

tiel said...

oh you met marianne!! good blogger to meet! not that i've met her, but would like to.

loving all your sewing projects.


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