Sunday, June 29, 2008

Shameless self promo

So i have put some bits and pieces in my Etsy shop from yesterday ... for those folk who couldn't make it yesterday...

Booked in

So there we were Dudley and I, hanging out in the French and German section of Kinokuniya. Our second zine fair and public appearance. It was great people watching and meeting some passers by. It was a little quiet though and we could have benefited from some in-store foot prints or general information telling customers that we were lurking in the aisles - to direct them to perhaps where they were not used to going... unless looking for that french copy of Charlie and the Chocolate factory..

Friday, June 27, 2008

zeen and gone, well going

After spending a few days resting and relaxing ..oh wrong holiday phrase ... after packing all I could into my Melbourne trip .. I almost forgot the Kinokuniya Zine Fair in Sydney tomorrow! ARGH! so I spent today trying to get some Dudley stuff together. I think after this fair I am going to treat myself to a long-arm stapler and stop using the standard stapler into the eraser trick.. oh the luxury.
Anyway inspired by my rummage in Buttonmania I have whipped up a new (so far small edition), zine entitled 'If I was a button..' so if you read this and are in Sydney we'll be in the Galleries Victoria (George St) from 11-4pm.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

And off i go...

I can.. barely ... type... for the excitement. Off we go tomorrow for several fun filled days of mother/daughter adventure time! no stacking the dishwasher, no sorting washing, no cooking, no cleaning (well I don't do much of that... but) no tidying up, no work, no commuting, no-one asking me to do stuff, - just floating, eating, drinking hot chocolate, looking at stuff, meeting some cyber pals for real, looking at more stuff, seeking inspiration and maybe relaxing... see ya in about a week!

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Rainy days and Sundays, and Saturdays...

"So what are you doing this weekend?' Someone asked me on Friday. 'Hhmmm, well I'm going to Melbourne next weekend." Yuh, so how are they related you ask? well that means staying in, conserving funds etc. BUT as luck would have it - the weekend has been bitterly cold and rainy, (some would go as far as to say miserable). So we stayed in and ate, drank hot chocolates, watched movies and made stuff.
The boys updated the Batman case of 'oh so 4 years ago' into a sprayed black portable carrier for the 'mens'.. complete with foam inlays.
While I had decided on skirt with patch work edge. Using existing fabric stash, excellent. Until... 'hhmm I only just ironed that - but yet it appears to be creased'. Sound of penny dropping. 'Oh, found fabric is not suitable for skirt afterall. Damn.' Move to plan B.
So aahh yes - am off to Melbourne (woo hoo!) later in the week with Miss R for a fun filled girls adventure. Sooo good opportunity for journal writing/sketching. Oh what to use? Ah Haa - must buy new sketchy pens - and moleskine journals. Tick. Hhhmm, must stitch accessories - in order to find in bag...
So what can i put on them? well I didn't have time to dream up amazing unique ideas - so i borrowed from this gorgeous piece of Japanese stationery.. and made these... matchy poo.

Monday, June 9, 2008

A long weekend, porridge and two bears

Hello and welcome back. Well actually tis I.
I've been sitting in my chair. Possibly a bit too long. But not the same chair. You see it started with a cup of tea over at Appleheads which was great as I got to cuddle the new baby, eat freshly baked scones AND check out the craft library. Definitely a trifecta. (Again the power of the cyber crafting community - we live close by - but only realized this a few months ago. Amazing). Which then meant that i borrowed cool craft books. Which then meant I had to make something. So here they are: sister bears. Well my sister was visiting with her family - so she got the grey bear. Mine had a slightly wonky leg - but it can be mistaken as skipping?
The middle pic was me coming over all Martha - suddenly remembering the 'small white vessels' i had found at op shops when i was carting them around for kids to draw in my art classes (something i did a while back for a few months).. Today was spent sitting some more, packing up some Dudley to post off, working on my next contribution for mixtape zine then relocating to a cinema seat (with 500 others) to catch Prince Caspian. Okay, but Susan's scowling and endless arrows do get a bit much..

Sunday, June 1, 2008

You crazy bird.

So Sunday morning 5 am, my head: 'Tin, i must do something with a tin. I must put something in it. Could it be a bird? Should it be an owl? Should it be something useful? What else do I need to do today? go back to sleep. Needle book? Sleep. A flat owl. Sleep. What about a hedgehog?..."
8am, get up do a few things.. friend comes over (she is invited to catch up - but i warn her sewing will be likely). We arrange a stack of materials on the table and decide on birds. (I've seen a lot in cyberspace lately - and want to do my own). We forget about the fitting in the tin thing. She arrived with gorgeous chocolates. We sew, we are surprised at how long they take. Mine is the one top left, I love her combinations too.
Aaaah. a lovely day. BUT what can i do with the tin?

And now for something, a little different

Hello, I'm sitting here with the sound of rain overpowering any other noise. Hope you all had a good week. Friday nights lately have been spent 'tucking in' early to take advantage of a weekend creating. Often the difficulty lies in exactly what to do, where to start etc. So yesterday after tackling some ongoing paper mache I found myself in the shed doing these. A lot of other stuff you may have seen is quite 'tight' and all graphic design-ee. But two of my favourite artists are Basquiat and Yoshimoto Nara. I love their use of texture, characters and line work. So i decided to have a play, this is what happened.
I have a put a couple in my Etsy shop just because .... i can.


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