Sunday, May 4, 2008

What a hoot

After yesterday's draining events I decided it best to stay in. The boys were out on the harbour at a cubs water activity day.. So Miss Redhead and I had all the desks to ourselves. (We had been thinking about a 70's fair at The Rocks, so instead we listened to Shuggie Otis at home, viewed some vintage stuff on Etsy - then got to work).
We had made these owls last weekend from clay and let them dry. I love colour and playing with combinations so i loved making little mood swatches... easy with paint cards. Miss R did ask me if she could stop for an eating break after 2 hours...
What was great was the realisation that here was my daughter doing/sharing this with me! I didn't have to worry about 'fixing them up later' or anything (not that it would've mattered - but just the whole trust/partnership aspect) ... I really was amazed at the whole experience...

naturally they do have names and will be available for adoption soon.. the YY's thing is not an sms message but something my mother wrote in my first autograph book about thirty years ago.


Dick & Dora said...

I love the whole idea of it and the finished product. Dora x

katiecrackernuts said...

They look wonderful, and yes, what a wonderful way to spend some one on one time. Mine are sadly too old and too cool for school to want to spend this kind of time with the wicked stepmother. I have found they come around again as they get older. My eldest and I have a lot of fun giggling at my op shop dress ups and musing over our recent blogland and online finds. (A kind of grown up version of the same kind of time, I guess)

veronica darling said...

How wonderful to sit and make things with your little Miss!

They look amazing and so many of them!



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