Friday, May 9, 2008

Sk8-er girl, well not quite...

So how cool is this? I couldn't resist Etsy's front page when I saw it, mainly cos I'm a sucker for greeen generally. But then, well it's helping the environment - it's recycled, it's supporting handmade, it's gorgeous!
It's a "Deck Dot", a necklace with 5 little dots that can easily flip around. One side of the dots shows the graphics from the skateboard deck (greens with white) and the other sides show the inner layers of the skateboard (a deep blue/black colour with a smidge of yellow). Made by husband/wife team: 2ReVert, who 'love spending time together and are crazy in love with the earth and keeping things out of the balefills, landfills, and incinerators.' Go see!


veronica darling said...

That IS beautiful! I love the layers of wood you can see on the edges too!

You should get it!

Betty Jo said...

Well, I don't know if you saw what i got in the mail a few weeks ago... a 2ReVert rose necklace...So we must have ordered at the same time. Spooky, but just goes to show great minds and all that!!( I am now imagining the cute blond skater boy who once owned it)


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