Sunday, May 18, 2008

Dudley in public

So will I feel like Wonder Woman this week? You know if i spin around really fast I just may be wearing shiny red hot pants? uh nuh, more like having another identity perhaps but with comfortable underwear?
My point is, I'll be thinking of Sunday 25th! areerrrrrgh! Dudley goes out in public at the zine fair. If you can get to the MCA, Circular Quay, Sydney - pop in and say hi... all our personalities have their fingers crossed.


katiecrackernuts said...

No, I'm sorry. I won't be at the fair on Sunday. I did consider it, but it will be a bit of a squeeze from walking the dogs at the RSPCA with my Girl Guide unit to getting down to Sydney - all smelly and with dog hair still attached.

veronica darling said...

Hey Dudley RH, I shall be down there checking out my friend's talk for the Writer's Fest, so will have to check you out! EXCITING!

Dick & Dora said...

Go Dudley Go! Lol Dick & Dora x


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