Sunday, May 18, 2008

Dudley goes out

Hello, just a quick hi and how are you before I dash off to try and relax for Sunday night... Yesterday Miss R and I popped out to check out the Hope St Markets at its' new premises at Paddington Town Hall. So is this Sydney does Melbourne? The buzzy vibe began on the footpath .. trailed up the stairs and dah dah! cool groovy stuff and tunes. It was great to see handmade all under the same high ceiling. For me the highlight was seeing the Strutt Sisters, I love their work - I did gush, dither and then purchase this gorgeous necklace. Aaaaah.
(They are working on a new website - but are well know for their collage constructions in aluminium and wood.)
Then 'cos we were in the neighbourhood we had a quick lap round Paddington Markets, there it is reliable - but always good to see - one of my favourites being this delightful cushion cover from feed the dog.

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katiecrackernuts said...

Wow, thanks for that link. I was at the market too and stopped and lingered over a pair of earrings here for quite a moment. Overall, though, I wasn't that fussed. Some nice stuff, but I am on the short side and got sick of being elbowed in the nose. Quite literally copped a schmack in the schnozze from a handbag as I was walking up the steps. I trundled down to Paddo markets and had more fun down there.


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