Sunday, May 4, 2008

Dudley goes out

Hello, thanks for making it back once more. Busy week usual stuff - but was looking forward to 'SPECIAL SATURDAY'. Which meant: family coming over from New Zealand wanting to spend DAY with kids, while we went out! What to do? markets, luxurious long lunch, gallery, coffee + cake. We set off.
30 minutes after leaving home Mr R turns into a driveway. Hits massive concrete block. Knocks hole in sump. Oil flows rapidly over driveway. He feel sick. I am in shock as my dream day drains away. Call mechanic, he quotes a lot. Call tow truck driver, he takes ages. I call my mum.
I walk down very long road to hire car place - I take a vote as to whether i should still have lunch, and with Mr R. It's 50-50. I pick him up, we get sawdust to soak up massive oil spill. We make it to restaurant nearly an hour late. We immediately have a glass of 'something'; We enjoy outside idyllic spot with comfy cushions. We don't linger but do a quick meander through markets and cool shops in Newtown.. still have to sort out car/cash situation - but i guess 'stuff happens' and in the scheme of things, not a disaster.

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katiecrackernuts said...

Oh you poor things. I know exactly the sinking feeling you'd have had and think you've done well to keep going with the day and see it as a "life happens" situation. Well done.


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