Monday, April 14, 2008


So Day One of my holiday, dashed out with my cub scout (who was doing his good deed) and got some supplies of the edible kind... then...made myself some rubber stamps (actually from the erasers you get at $2 shops etc, using lino cutting tools). Then played around making some mini cards with matching envelopes and gift tags..
The japanese theme is kinda to go with my 'found in Japan' inspired zine I'm working on.
But maybe i'll take some better shots and list a couple at Etsy and Made it..?
A make-it-yourself stamp project is a must for those who love instant gratification... hhmm.


Run * Skip * Jump said...

Gorgeous. Yep, list 'em. D & D x

katiecrackernuts said...

They look great. I love the strong block colours and the little envelope with the head popping out of that "terminal anchor" - to use newspaper speak.

marianne said...

love them, love them, love them..what more can I say!


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