Thursday, April 3, 2008

The sketch club

Sorry - you've had nothing to read here for a few days (painted THAT new room last weekend) then had a couple of days of feeling very lack lustre. Then what should i blog about? oh yeah so the kids and I had one of our evening sessions tonight... It's something I developed to replace them reading out loud to me (I still do the odd accent i do mean odd, but usually cockney) anyway this is what we do...

1) the 3 of us bring a sketch book and sharp pencil
2) we draw one thing - tonights was a 'piece of clothing' i did the legs above, the jacket outline, below
3) pass it on - draw another piece of clothing - Miss R did the muscle shirt
4) pass it on - add the missing limbs/face Master R did the excellent arms + shoes + head
5) pass it on - finish the scene/setting

I was very impressed with Master R's embellishment of the jacket below - I didn't realise how much he appreciates fashion - he also added the head, Miss R set 'the scene'.
I like the fact that we end up with something unexpected that we all contributed to and they are unique to that moment in time.


katiecrackernuts said...

What a fantastic idea. I might pinch it as a Girl Guide patrol program. What a winner. We're going to do more art next term building up to an "art show" so that's a good fun way of collaborative art. The kids are aged between 10 and 14, but mostly my lot are 10-12. Yah and ta.

angelique said...

This is a great idea! My twins are nearly 7 and they love doing drawing/crafty stuff and they like doing things together with me so we might give it a go tonight.


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