Wednesday, April 16, 2008

print ready

Day 3. Can't believe I slept in! ...Then we briefly left the building for a family breakfast in Manly, nice. Then back to it - the Japanese theme continued in search of an image for the cover of my zine. Some time ago I came across the idea of cutting up those thin foam sheets to make a printing plate.
Here's one I prepared earlier (yesterday) ... in the (bottom left pic) I'm using a flat bamboo 'thing' which i purchased from an art supply shop one day - when a Japanese student i had with me, mimed what they are used for. Perfect to get the ink onto the paper evenly.
Something i really needed and didn't even know about - isn't that the motivation for most browsing??
(after treating myself to a holiday hair do - the fuzzy hair above was pre-do)..
I came back to the mac for this...

1 comment:

Cass said...

I recently saw a tutorial explaining how to make stamps with the foam and I have been anxious to try it. Yours look great, now I need to get organised


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