Sunday, April 27, 2008

grey days, indeed

Hello! welcome back! oh... that's right it's me that was missing. Man! what happened? I dunno. It rained, then rained some more then just as i considered wearing the all-day socks 3 days in a row without washing it rained again. One morining, 8.30am I took these pictures as we approached the harbour bridge. (Who does that on the E68?) Anyway, thanks for dropping by. Hey - then after something like 12 days of straight rain - I decided to invest in winter pyjamas (for the ANZAC day long weekend). How cool is Peter Alexanders' new wide leg pj pant range? Warning: you may not want to get changed.
ok -so more to follow - stay tuned...


Cass said...

I love Peter Alexander

katiecrackernuts said...

I know, I know. My sister and nephew - he's two - picked out a pair for me and sent them when I was feeling under the weather at the start of the rainy stretch. They're fabulous and make my former flannies look like skinny cigarette pants.


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