Sunday, April 13, 2008

Be prepared

So another few days gone by, difficult to know what to say - haven't really been anywhere or discovered anything. But do I talk a lot about just what I make + create and is that ok? For the moment it will have to be..!
I did have a fun little play cutting some stamps - but more on that perhaps tomorrow.
A few more tidy-ups are going on here .. today i found this book 'lying around' and I was taken by this picture above sketched last year sometime by Master Redhead (then age 9.) He has actually just started cubs a couple of weeks ago... anyway, I couldn't help myself...
I scanned it in, did some curves and levels in photoshop, added a couple of filters, popped on a few black lines and ended up with this version... if you click on it you can see some lovely textured bits... which almost have a printmaking quality. I sort of wanted to add something to his hand or the foreground, but am not sure yet what that might be...
I have one week holiday ... be prepared.

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