Monday, March 24, 2008

Warning: 3 and a half days indoors

So Easter came and went. No images of bunnies and chicks here. Think more like sawing, nailing, "Harry, Ron and Hermoine", the bathroom door opening and closing, the kettle clicking on and off, half the toaster blowing up. Or in other words: Mr Redhead worked on the floor in the new room, Master R did copious amounts of model making whilst listening to yet another audio Harry Potter book, Miss Redhead had a stomach bug and couldn't leave the house, and Dudley - well i was forced to drink tea, eat hot cross buns and create. oh well.. I'm sure it was nice out ... but here's what happened...

I began by starting work on my next zine "found in Japan", which is a collection of things I discovered there on my trip last year. I'm using my photos, drawings, observations and things that have inpsired me. The little voice in my head was not helpful with its "so why do people care what you found or what you saw?". I dunno, good point - but then if I just put together stuff I like, maybe other people will like looking at it too?

So then I had to 'step away from the computer, no sudden movements'.
I went to the shed cut up some bits of foam, inked them up and printed these. I then crept back to the mac and coloured up "Suburban dreaming"

That was fun, but was it me, my style? what would I do with it?
So then I ditched the 'burbs and went back to the birdhouse - which was a sudden urge ( i think they are out in the atmosphere at the moment).. so for the northern hemisphere folk I decided to explore a bit of Spring .. here's how that went..

but was that a bit 'tea-towel-ey?' too much? ... what about this?...
Yeah, quite nice. But GREEN? I like green.. give that a go..Ok

AAAh, see that's quite nice. Let's maybe send this one off to get some nice little cards printed.
(at this point we were getting a little annoyed that our printer is waiting on a part - so we haven't been able to 'see' anything for days..)
We wanted to go out but with Miss Redhead not well,we had a quick look around some blogs and loved Anna Laura's embroidered owl. We have had the hoop on standby just waiting for that moment, so as Dudley stepped away from the mac once more off he went to do this..

I should've photographed him with an object - so you can get a sense of scale, he's about 8cm. Perhaps I can patchwork him into something, hhmm, not sure about the destination there. But was good fun, I used one of those pens that disappears when you wet it at the end. The most difficult bit was listening to Goblet of Fire on repeat. Just don't confuse your petronus with your daemon. Mine would most likely be like the squirrel that has a caffeine drink in Hoodwinked. Buzzeeeeziippppppp.
Ok, so with the end of the holiday in sight, not much in the fridge ('it's just like we're camping' - I tell the kids). I get the wiff of the hot glue gun and MUST make a 3D bird house.. I haven't really explored it before - not bad, just as well I'm not involved in any real building. I could just kinda patch and tear to cover the wonky bits..
here's what happened..

I think that will go on my desk in the new room. So that was a bit of the last few days, might have a rest now.
Hope you all had a lovely and safe Easter holiday.


CurlyPops said...

Wow, you were a crafting machine over the weekend. I especially love those prints you made, the green one is my fave too!

Anna Laura said...

Oh boy, I love your little bird! It is so cute. I'm going to post my little guy tomorrow. He has changed a lot since the last photo I posted.

Oh and Pip Kirsty and Brooke are clever Brown Owls ladies.

Cass said...

I love those bird houses both the green and brown.

feedthedog said...

and i thought i was freakishly productive over easter..YOU! what batteries do you use!? i am flabbergasted. and i'm really fond of the suburban houses .. love the shapes and textures. have been meaning to try foam cutting myself, seems a hell of lot easier than lino cutting, and i just love the effects you get with it.

and about the zine, i think a collection of things that you like is a good idea .. i'm certainly interested.

mizu designs said...

hi there! love the birdcages. i've been a bit obsessed with them myself of late. if you want to see go to:

mizu designs said...

ooooops! just realised mine are birdcages and yours are birdhouses :)

Run * Skip * Jump said...

Dudley, we love your new cards... but then you probably knew we'd say that. Congrats on all your productivity - puts our eating and drinking coffee kind of Easter to shame. Dick & Dora.

veronica darling said...

I love Japan! A friend at work told me that there's super cheap flights over there at the moment, and I'm tempted! But with saving for my house, I don't really think I can afford a trip! There are some great Japanese blogs though, so I live through them! Love your stuff!

Jason said...

I'm interested in seeing your zine. Will it come in a downloadable PDF format?

Helena said...

I like the tea towely one! You could make tea towels! :)


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