Thursday, March 13, 2008

The altered book club

Last weekend was another meeting of the altered book club. This was held at Yum Cha down on Manly wharf, very nice. The usual things occurred - six trolleys of various food stuffs trying to tout their wares before we'd even pulled out our chairs to sit down, followed by not a steamed item to be seen 20 mins later and a hunt for the mango custards. Yep, just the usual.
(I hope these aren't too pixelated) but Helen's book is titled 'Deface me' and was excellent fun. She had been inspired by the book which is definitely worth a visit if you are interested in the whole altered book thing. My contribution is the spread shown here. The process usually goes like this: freak out about approaching deadline, get vague idea, go to desk, begin idea, idea doesn't work out - I mean idea evolves, wait a long time for medium/glue to dry. Wish you had waited longer before closing the book.
THEN we wandered round to the art express at the Manly art gallery and finished at the markets, where a very talented Chinese man was selling these beautiful paper cuts for $10. Wow.


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