Sunday, February 3, 2008

wet, but far from wild

So Sunday at home, that's not an aboriginal painting - but the floor of the new room being rained on. the white lines are sealer paint. I'm trying to work through the list of projects - but next week is the altered book swap. So have been tackling that, oh the pressure!

Pictured here was the last swap I did - the book was a teeny wenny Spanish-English dictionary (about 40cm in height) and my alteration was the definition of bull and bull fight.. that went relatively smoothly - today's is a 1960's cookery book. I think the book itself is a bit overwhelming - so many possibilities - it's difficult to know where to begin. Anyway I've thrashed (mentally, only) some ideas around and can now move on..
the page will be posted later .. when the book has moved on.
ps - track back for my original book alteration

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feedthedog said...

just want say how much i enjoy reading your blog tara, you spin out and around ideas so fast it makes me giddy and envious of your highly inventive world. and you have kids!! my god, how do you do it?
my nephews loved your zines, went down a treat.
i've been meaning to check out the hope street markets myself but the rain put me off last weekend, yes i disintergrate under rain drops.
so keep it going, it's great stuff.


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